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Visio screenupdating

All those Screen Updating = False's you see is called "sheer desperation". I can still enter the workbook and it is screenupdating away even right after the line set it false. Screen Updating = False" in the immediate window it works as expected. Thanks Colin Correct, when you step through in debug mode the screenupdating remains turned on. To test it properly, try this: Put a commandbutton on your sheet and paste in Application. Net) | Coordinates, Vectors and 3D volumes I've experienced this problem, with code that previously worked!

Background = False Then Shape2DCnt = 0Set shps Obj = Pag Obj. Count For i1 = 1 To Shapes Cnt Shape Level(i1) = ""Next i1' To navigate the shapes, a sort table is required to determine where on the page the shapes are' The shapes are ordered from the top left to the bottom right' Loop through all the shapes on the page to find their locations For cur Shape Indx = 1 To Shapes Cnt Set shp Obj = shps Obj(cur Shape Indx)Shape Name(cur Shape Indx) = shp Obj. The VBA code to select all embedded objects: If you are not good at macro, or you want to find an easy way for selecting all embedded Visio object in Word, Kutool for Word is your best solution.After you have installed Kutool for Word, you can select all embedded Visio objects with one click. Connects(i1)' ignore the end that points to this shape If con Obj1. Name sub X(i2) Thentmp Str = Sub Name(i1): i3 = sub X(i1)Sub Name(i1) = Sub Name(i2): sub X(i1) = sub X(i2)Sub Name(i2) = tmp Str: sub X(i2) = i3End If Next i2Next i1' Assign the level numbers to the subshapes For i1 = 1 To sub Cnti3 = sub X(i1)Shape Level(i3) = Prev Lvl & "." & CStr(i1)Next i1' Update the shape Old Text = shp Obj. To set the formula of a cell to be a string do: cellobj. Formula will now return the five character string "abc". which obviously isn't working because the screen updates a whole lot afterwards. I almost wish this were more complicated; the fact that everything looks so simple is making it difficult to think of what could possibly be happening! So this morning application.screen Updating was working as expected. The test code that I wrote is below: Sub test() Debug. One thing that seems to be common among those modules not working, is that they all contain code that changes worksheets. In any case, it's a real mystery why this happens from one day to another!

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I started to debug, and immediately after the "Screen Updating = false" line executes, I go to the immediate window and type: Debug. Any clues on how to solve it would be greatly appreciated. Screen Updating = True End Sub _________________________________________________________ Private Sub Check_for_Open_Workbook() Application.

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